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    I (we) agree and understand that there are risks inherent to the activities carried on drying the Advantage Hockey Skills Camp. Knowing that injuries can occur, I (we) freely and knowingly assume all risks inherent to the activities carried on at the ice arena and all other parts of the facility. I (we) fully understand that said activities involve to the participants include bodily injury, partial to total paralysis, death and damages that may arise there from.

    Therefore, I (we) indemnify, and hold harmless all employees, volunteers, and affiliates of the Advantage Hockey Skills Camp from any and all costs, losses, liabilities, damage, lawsuits, deficiencies, claims, and expenses.

    In the event that my child is injured during the absence of parent(s) or legal guardian, I (we) give permission for the person in charge to seek medical attention. By selecting YES below I fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

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